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If you’re struggling to keep your server organized, CloudPanel is the solution for you. With easy installation and a wide range of features, it’s the perfect way to get your server under control. So don’t wait any longer, get CloudPanel installed today!

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CloudPanel Details

Bellow are some of the features that CloudPanel have and can help you with

Installation Wizard

You can choose between installing a WordPress Site, Static HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, Node.js, and Python by adding a new site.

Cloudflare Integration

Cloudflare is a cloud-based network security solution provider that offers CDN, DNS,etc

MySQL & Maria DB

You can create and manage MySQL Databases via phpMyAdmin directly through the CloudPanel.

IP & Bot Blocking

IP blocking is a method that blocks requests from hosts with specific IP addresses.

File Manager

File Manager provides a user interface that displays the files/folders hierarchy.


SSH is a network protocol that helps users securely access the server via the command-line.

What We Will Provide


Server Setup

We will setup the VPS server for you, you can have any VPS provider like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode or Hetzner,etc.


CloudPanel Install

CloudPanel will be installed and configured on the VPS server, it will be secured and up to date,


CloudPanel Configuration

We will configure CloudPanel for your needs and and help you setup your first website.


CloudPanel Security

We will secure your CloudPanel installation so you don’t have problems.


1-3 Days

The setup will take 1-3 business days after we get all details.

Money Back

100% Money Back

If you are not happy with the service you can get your money back in 14 days.



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After you purchase the product we will contact you via email you provided to get the details from you.

If there are questions you can use the Contact page to get in touch with us.

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